Electric Vehicles

Charging Your EV on Campus

ChargePoint EV charging stations can be found throughout campus and are available to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. 

Vehicles parked in EV parking spaces with a posted time restriction may not exceed the posted time limit and are subject to citation per CVC 21113A.

  • The price to charge is $.26 per kilowatt hour. Additional fees may apply if you do not have a ChargePoint membership. 
  • A valid SDSU parking permit is required when using a charging port. 
  • A ChargePoint membership is not requiered however, additional fees may apply for non-members. 
  • Parking 2A* - F/S
  • Parking 2C
  • Parking 3 
  • Parking 7
  • Parking 8* - ADA
  • Parking 12
  • Parking 14* - F/S

* F/S - Charging stations located in F/S areas require a Faculty/Staff parking permit.

*ADA - Charging stations located in ADA parking spaces require a California Disabled Parking Permit.

For questions regarding charges/account, please call the ChargePoint Customer Service line at 888-758-4389.