Micromobility On Campus

Bird at SDSU

Designated parking locations (nests) can be found throughout campus. Scooters and bicycles must be parked in designated nests to end rides.

Nest locations @ SDSU

Bird Scooters & Bikes Around Campus

Birds can be found on-campus with exclusive ride pricing, monthly membership discounts, visitor ride passes and free helmets! 

1. Find a Bird nearby 

  • You can use the SDSU Interactive Map to find the nearest nest location 
  • You can use the Bird app to find the closest device. 
  • Devices may be reserved up to 30 minutes in advance 

2. Scan the QR code 

  • Once you find a device, scan the QR code on your mobile device and activate. 

3. Park in a designated nest location 

  • Park in a designated nest location and end your ride 
  • If  you are parking your Bird on campus, your device must be parked within a designated nest in order to end your ride. 
  • Unlock monthly passes available for $5.00/mo. (grants free unlocks on all Birds).
  • No monthly pass? - Pay as little as $.50 cent to unlock your Bird on campus.
  • Per minute charge of .34 cents.
  • Seamless rides from on to off-campus locations.
  • Average ride 6 min ride on campus costs riders just $1.79!  ($0.34 cents * 6 min with (-$0.25 off for parking correctly), no unlock fee (with a monthly unlock pass) and a (-.25) helmet selfie).
  • $.25 off your ride for parking correctly.
  • $.25 cents off your ride for taking a helmet selfie.
  • Free Helmets supplied by BIRD via the Bird app.
  • Admission Department ride credits for visitors!
  • Discount and Low-Income Student Membership Programs: Bird Community Pricing offers 50% off rides across low-income, veterans, students, teachers, senior citizens and select community and non-profit groups.
  • Share the campus! Be mindful of pedestrians and other riders
  • One rider per scooter
  • Wear a helmet
  • Stay off sidewalks
  • Sober riding is safe riding
  • Additional riding tips can be found in Bird’s Beginner Guide

Should you like to request a device be moved or wish to register a complaint, please contact Bird directly at: [email protected]

Consumers Advocate Organization is an available resource for those that may seek added insurance protection when riding e-scooters.

​​Riding on City Streets: The San Diego Municipal Code and the California Vehicle Code require that all scooter riders obey the law. When riding a scooter on city streets, please note that riding on a sidewalk is prohibited.