Visitor Parking

Visitors to SDSU may purchase parking permits using the:

  • Transportation Portal - $9.54 day permits available
  • PayByPhone app - hourly and daily permits available
  • Pay stations - hourly, overnight and weekend permits available

Purchase of a permit requires vehicle information since the permit is virtual and is linked to the license plate.

Both PayByPhone and pay stations allow you to extend your parking time via your mobile device without returning to your vehicle.


  • Visitor parking stalls are unmarked.
  • Visitor lots have a "P" on the lot marker sign.
  • Visitors may not park in spaces marked for Service/Vendor (S/V), Special Permit (SP), Electric Vehicle (EV), or Disabled Person (DP) unless accompanied by a special permit, DMV placard/plate, or are actively charging in an EV space.