Bike Registration

SDSU Bike Racks

Free bike registration is available to all SDSU students through a collaboration between SDSU Parking and Transportation and SDSU University Police Department. 

When riding on campus you are required to only ride on a designated path. Be courteous to others and aware of how your riding could impact the safety of others on campus. Even though you may be in control of your bike or skateboard you cannot assume the pedestrians near you are aware of your presence.

  1. Complete and Submit the Bike Registration Form online.
  2. Bring your bike to our office
    • Office hours: M-TH 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m or by appointment 
    • Please bring your RedID card and your bicycle
  3. Registration sticker will be placed on your bicycle and a bike lock may be provided (based on availability). 

Office: College Square is at the corner of College Avenue at 6001 Lindo Paseo in South Campus Plaza (next to the Starbucks).  

* Registration is NOT complete until your bike is brought into the office 

You may obtain access to our many bike cages or a bicycle storage room on campus by contacting the Office of Housing and Administration

Storage keys/space reservations will be available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  There is no cost for the storage key or space however, there is a $25 charge for lost or non-returned keys.  Bikes must be registered with UPD.

  • Bicycle storage is located near each residence hall.
  • Racks on campus can be viewed by visiting the interactive map here
  • Locker spaces and storage spaces are given out on a firstcome, first-served basis.
  • No bicycles or e-bikes/scooters are allowed inside the residence halls (including student apartments).
  • Having your bicycle in storage is not a guarantee of security for your bike. We recommend that you do not bring a valuable bike to campus unless it is insured.
  • The University is not liable for lost or stolen bicycles; please remember to register it with UPD

Riding on Campus 

  • Non-motorized bicycles, scooters and skateboards are permitted on curbed roadways of campus, and on the designated bike path on Aztec Walk and Campanile Mall.
  • All riders are required to follow SDSU regulations and park all bikes at a bike rack, cage or designated corral area.
  • Parking in undesignated locations can result in administrative citations and / or impoundment of the bike.
  • For more information and safety guidelines please see the Parking Rules & Regulations & Green Love Bike-Lane Safety Guidelines.

Riding on City Streets 

  • The San Diego Municipal Code and the California Vehicle Code require that all bicyclists and skateboarders obey the law.
  • When riding a bike on city streets you must obey all California vehicle laws. This means stopping at stop signs and riding with the flow of traffic.
  • When riding a skateboard on city streets you must ride only on the sidewalks. Riding in the roadways is a misdemeanor. 

Love To Ride Community

  • Local community of riders 
  • Free virtual classes offered 

SD Bike Coalition

  • Bicycle education 
  • In person and virtual workshops and classes 
  •  Getting invovled with the local biking community
  • Record your mileage, set goals, and join other local groups 

Bike Index ( for additional coverage) 

  • Submit your name, bike manufacturer, serial number, and component information to enter your bike into the most widely used bike registry on the planet.


Bicycle Repair Stations

Student at bike repair station
SDSU Bike Repair Station

Bicycle repair stations can be found throughout campus for student and campus community use. Bike repair stations include a bike rack, tire pump, and tools for a quick repair. 

Stations are located outside of the following housing residences Cuicacalli, Chapultepec, and University Towers.