Parking Rules & Regulations

Except as provided otherwise herein, the provisions of the current edition of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA VEHICLE CODE (CVC) are adopted as university policy. Traffic regulations of the University and the State of California will be enforced at all times. Section 21113 of the CVC and the California Code of Regulations provide for the establishment and enforcement of all vehicle (including bicycle) traffic, pedestrian traffic, and parking regulations upon the groups of the California State University and Colleges. 

Parking on campus is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. A paid parking permit is required at all times and in all areas of campus. Vehicle registration is required for all virtual parking permit purchases through the Transportation Portal, the PaybyPhone mobile application, and the pay stations. Permit costs can be found on Permits & Parking on Campus. Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee parking within a specific lot or structure on campus; a parking permit grants you the permission to park on campus.

Vehicles must be parked properly within the limit lines, with the license plate visible from the aisle so the vehicle’s license plate may be scanned. 

Vehicles absent of a paid parking permit, not parked properly with plates properly displayed, plate entered incorrectly, or in unauthorized areas are subject to violation.

Review the campus map and Parking & Transportation Services for parking areas and authorizations.

San Diego State University (SDSU) parking permits are non-transferable and can only be used by the individual that purchased the permit. Permit privileges may be revoked for any individuals found sharing permits or in violation of other SDSU Parking Rules & Regulations.

Title 5, Article 7, Section 42201(a) of the California Code of Regulations specifies that the university president may grant permission for the parking of vehicles on campus to those persons who have paid a parking fee. While possession of a valid and current university parking permit entitles the possessor to parking privileges, the university retains ownership rights and permits may be revoked, canceled, or recalled for cause at the discretion of Parking & Transportation Services.

The State of California, California State University, San Diego (and its employees) shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss by theft, fire, accident, or any other cause whatsoever to any vehicle, or contents thereof, that occurs on university property.

Bicycles may only be operated on streets and designated paths. In other locations, bicyclists shall walk their bicycles. All bicyclists are encouraged to register their bikes with Parking & Transportation Services in the event their bicycle is ever stolen. Bicycles shall be parked only in designated stands and areas. Bicycles attached to railings or other fixtures not designated for bicycle parking are subject to removal and impoundment.

Skateboards, roller skates, and similar personal wheeled conveyances may only be operated on designated bike paths, Aztec Circle Drive, Hilltop Way, Scripps Terrace, and Avenue of Arts. In other locations, skateboards or similar wheeled conveyances must be walked.

Hoverboards are not permitted in residence halls and may not be operated in university buildings.

In no case shall bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, or similar personal wheeled conveyances be permitted, operated, parked or locked on ramps for disabled access. Individuals shall walk their bicycles, skateboards, or similar wheeled conveyances on any disabled access ramp.

Pedestrians shall have the right of way at all times. Pedestrians are defined as an individual walking or those who are disabled. Bicycles are expected to yield to all pedestrians. Skateboards, roller skates, and similar personal wheeled conveyances are expected to yield to all pedestrians, bicycles, wheelchairs, and motorized vehicles.

An 8 miles per hour speed limit shall be observed, except for bicycles riding on curbed streets.

Motor scooters, motorbikes, and motorcycles shall be operated only on curbed streets and vehicular thoroughfares. They shall not be ridden or walked elsewhere on campus, but shall be parked in areas designated for motorcycles and not in bicycle stands or in areas designated for bicycles.

Motorized and non-motorized carts, trucks, or dollies approved for operation on campus and only officially permitted motor vehicles shall not be operated in the designated bike/skateboard paths.

These prohibitions shall not apply to persons in wheelchairs, to children in carriages or strollers, or to persons using a motorized or non-motorized conveyance as an approved ADA accommodation.

All student “S” and “N” parking stalls are unmarked if the area does not have other permissions present. Students may not park in spaces marked as Faculty/Staff (F/S) unless it is after hours. Students may not park in spaces marked as Service/Vendor (S/V), Special Permit (SP), Electric Vehicle (EV), or Disabled Person (DP) unless accompanied by a special permit, DMV placard/plate, or are actively charging in an EV space located in student parking.

Student permits are invalid in PayByPhone only locations in P6B and P10. 

Student Day (S) Permit

  • Permits grant access to park in any "S" student parking location from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Student Overnight (N) Permit

  • Permits grant access to park in any "S" student parking locations from 6:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m. In addition, permits have the permission to park between the hours of 1:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. in any "N" locations.

(S) and (N) permit holders may park in any "F/S" location on campus, Monday - Friday, between the hours of 6:30 p.m. - 1:00 a.m, as well as Saturday and Sunday, between the hours of 6:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m. Students are not authorized to park in "F/S' locations overnight.

A list of authorized parking locations can be found on our website.

Daily, weekly, monthly, semester, or payroll deduction permits are available to faculty/staff and are valid in any “S” or “FS” location.

“FS” parking stalls are painted green and marked F/S where there are other permissions in the area. Faculty/Staff may not park in spaces marked as Service/Vendor (S/V), Special Permit (SP), Electric Vehicle (EV), or Disabled Person (DP) unless accompanied by a special permit, DMV placard/plate, or are actively charging in an EV space.

A list of authorized parking locations can be found on our website.

Incoming first-year students who live on campus will not be permitted to bring a car the first year of study at SDSU. As with other campus policies, to assist students who may have unique needs, first-year students with documented hardships are able and encouraged to apply for a waiver. Please visit First-Year On-Campus Resident Parking Policy for more information.

Parking & Transportation Services does not manage residential parking for Aztec Shops properties or M@College. More information for Aztec Shops parking can be found at For M@College, please email [email protected] or call 619-399-3099.

Special Permit “SP” areas are parking stalls assigned to departments on campus and are reserved for special permit holders exclusively. These spaces may not be occupied by anyone other than the SP permit holder. Should one seek a special permit, they should do so through the head of their department. There is a fee in addition to the monthly payroll deduction.  You may only park in the SP number you have been assigned to.  

All “SP” parking spaces are painted white at the foot of the stall with the designated SP number. All “SP” areas require a paid SDSU permit to accompany the (SP) permit unless provided with a tan (SP) permit which is a pre-paid permit through the issuing department. The physical (SP) permit must be displayed on the driver’s side dashboard with the entire permit in clear view from the outside of the vehicle. Employees issued an (SP) permit will need to be on payroll deduction and have current vehicle information in the Transportation Portal. 

Physical (SP) permits issued to guests require a date to be written in ink with a pre-authorized signature provided by the issuing department.

Disabled parking areas are reserved for those persons with a valid DMV issued placard or plate. The permit must be accompanied by a paid SDSU permit at all times. Drivers transporting a person with a disability may park in a DP stall as long as the disabled person’s DMV placard or plate is present. In the event that all DP stalls are full, the vehicle may park in any visitor, student (“S” or “N”), faculty/staff (“FS”), service/vendor (“S/V”), or special permit (“SP”) 900 parking stall. 

All DP parking stalls are clearly marked with blue ground marking and signs posted.

Disabled persons may not park in SP areas other than SP 900 or EV stalls unless they have been assigned the special permit or are actively charging their vehicle. 

Disabled persons with the appropriate DMV placard or plate may park in P6B and P10 without the required PayByPhone payment if  SDSU permit has already been purchased and registered in the Transportation Portal.

SDSU is dedicated to ensuring the proper enforcement of Disabled Persons areas to ensure proper access to those who have a legal right for use. A SDSU Parking Officer may request DMV DP registration at any time per CVC 22511.56(a). Failure to present requested identification and evidence of valid registration may result in placard or plate confiscation (CVC 22511.56(e)). Additionally, fraudulent use of a deceased person’s placard/plate or use of a placard/plate in which the registered placard/plate owner is not present may result in penalty in the form of a parking citation in the amount of $550 per CVC 4461(c) and CVC 4461(d).

Parking & Transportation Services issues free short term service/vendor (S/V) permits at our Parking Information Kiosk. These permits are available to faculty/staff, students and vendors doing business at the university. Anyone requesting this permit at the kiosk must show their RedID to obtain the permit.  Vendors must be prepared to show identification and a business card.

Students are provided a 30-minute S/V permit. Faculty/staff and vendors are provided an hour permit for loading and unloading of materials only.

S/V permits allow parking for up to one hour in areas with ground markings/curb lines painted in yellow with signs placed in front of the stalls, signifying areas as S/V only. S/V permits are not authorized in any other type of stall on campus.

Business permits are authorized for vendors who have been contracted by the university to perform specialized services on campus. The business permit is only available for monthly purchases and is not available to our food retail vendors. 

Vendors who meet this criteria may contact Parking & Transportation Services for more information.

Business permits are valid in “S/V” areas up to one hour and then in “FS” and “S” spaces the remainder of the time on campus during the hours of 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday. Outside of these hours, the permits are valid in “S/V” spaces for unlimited periods. Should the service being performed on campus during business hours require visiting different buildings on campus, this permit will allow you to park at different “S/V” locations for up to one hour each.

All contractors and subcontractors hired by SDSU are required to pay for parking when parking on campus. All contractor permits require the contractor to coordinate purchase of permits through Parking & Transportation Services. Contractors who wish to purchase parking for their employees will be able to do so. Any vehicles parked in the assigned laydown/project fenced area will not be required to purchase a permit.

It is understood that some contractors may have employees that are called to the job site at the last minute who do not have a permit already assigned or purchased. Permits may be purchased at the pay station adjacent to the Parking Information Kiosk or by PayByPhone for these situations.

Contractor permits are only valid in the areas assigned to that permit by Parking & Transportation Services.

Media permits are issued at no cost in coordination with SDSU’s Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Media Relations team. For questions about applying to receive a media permit, please contact SDSU Media Relations at [email protected]. Each recognized news organization must submit an application for all vehicles requiring a media permit. The permit is valid from July 1 - June 30 of each year. Upon expiration of the permit, a new application will need to be filed before June 1 of each year. Additional information on the university’s media parking policy can be found on their website.

SDSU does NOT recognize media permits issued by the City of San Diego and these permits may not be utilized in lieu of payment of special event fees. All city media pass holder’s permits are valid on San Diego City property and are not valid on SDSU parking properties and/or streets.

Parking permits can be used in any of the campus parking structures or open lots with the exception of the following:

  • Lot 5
  • Lot 6A
  • P8
  • P13
  • In front of Hepner Hall
  • On Campanile, Centennial and Cuicacalli Walkways
  • Next to red curbs
  • In any ADA parking space
  • Special permit areas
  • In a fire lane or blocking of a fire hydrant

Failure to comply with university parking regulations will result in the revoking of the media permit.

SDSU offers reciprocity for parking permits that have been granted by certain collective bargaining agreements and/or the following institutions. Please note the requirements below to receive a reciprocal permit and request reciprocity by submitting an email to [email protected] at least 3 business days in advance. Reciprocal parking permits are valid in all faculty, staff, and students spaces. They cannot be used in SP, SV, or any other specially marked or reserved space. 

  • CSU System-Wide Parking Permits: System-Wide Parking Permits issued by the Chancellor’s Office and are valid at any University in the CSU System in Faculty/Staff (F/S) and Student spaces.
  • CFA, APC, or CSUEU Employees of other CSU Campuses: Employees who are represented by CFA, APC, or CSUEU bargaining units and who are employed at two or more campuses are eligible for a complimentary reciprocal permit of the same type/duration. The university’s Parking and Transportation staff must provide written email confirmation that the employee is represented by CFA, APC, or CSUEU, holds a valid permit, and the type of permit held at the CSU campus. Employees must provide vehicle information and employment verification (contract, pay stub, or offer letter), in order to receive a reciprocal SDSU permit in the event of being employed at two or more campuses.
  • UCSD Joint Doctoral Programs (JDP): SDSU has agreed with UCSD for reciprocity of the Joint Doctoral Programs that require studies/research/activity at both UCSD and SDSU campuses. Send a UCSD parking permit receipt with valid dates and official correspondence that shows participation/acceptance in the JDP to [email protected] at least 3 business days before the permit is needed. The reciprocal permit will only be valid for the duration of the UCSD permit.

To request a reciprocal permit, please contact Parking & Transportation Services via email at [email protected] at least 3 business days in advance.

To view a list of authorized location, visit

Visitors to SDSU may purchase parking permits using the Transportation Portal, the mobile application platform PayByPhone, and the pay stations on campus. Purchase of a permit requires vehicle information since the permit is virtual and is linked to the license plate.

Daily permits can be purchased through the Transportation Portal. Hourly permits can be purchased through PayByPhone and the pay stations. Overnight and weekend permits can be purchased through the pay stations. If a longer term permit is needed, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at [email protected]

All visitor parking stalls are unmarked. Visitor lots have a “P” on the lot marker sign. Visitors may not park in spaces marked as Service/Vendor (S/V), Special Permit (SP), Electric Vehicle (EV), or Disabled Person (DP) unless accompanied by a special permit, DMV placard/plate, or are actively charging in an EV space.

Special events are not permitted to be complimentary and are subject to space and availability. Parking fees for such events shall be charged on an individual event basis. Exclusions to this parking policy are for Move-In Day, Convocation, Explore SDSU, and Commencement. Please visit our website for more information.