Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)

MTS Trolley - Green Line

SDSU is serviced by the MTS Trolley Green Line. This trolley line connects SDSU to the rest of San Diego.

Trolley and Bus Connections at SDSU

Free Transit Passes- MTS Youth Opportunity Program (YOP)

MTS riders 18 years old and younger can ride MTS and NCTD services for free until June 30, 2024. 

Anyone 18 years old and younger. Your pass will be valid up until your 19th bithday. 

This pass may be used on and is valid on the following services: 


  • MTS Busses 
  • MTS Trolley

 North Country Transit District - NCTD 

  • NCTD BREEZE busses 
  • NCTD SPRINTER train 
  • NCTD COASTER train 

Sign-up for an MTS Youth Pass directly through MTS. Visit the YOP webpage for more informaiton. 

Student Semester & Monthly Passes

Students who do not qualify for free transit passes through the MTS Youth Opportunity Porgram can purchase a discounted monthly or semester long transit pass through their Aztec Portal account. 

SDSU students who are enrolled at least part time (6 units) per semester. 

Purchasing Your Transit Pass Through Your Aztec Portal. 

  1. Students must log in to their SDSU Aztec Portal using their SDSU credentials on either a Microsoft Edge or Firefox browser. 
  2. Click LOGIN in the upper right hand corner 
  3. Click SDSUid Login. 
  4. Enter/verify your SDSU email address is correct. Click Next
  5. Enter your SDSUid password. Click Sign in
  6. Next, click PERMITS, and then click Get Permits to purchase a transit pass. 
  7. Click Next
  8. Select the bubble next to the transit pass you would like to purchase. Check the boxes agreeing to the trms. Click Next
  9. Review your cart and email address that you would like your receipt sent to. Click Pay Now
  10. Your permit number and and total will be displayed again. Click Checkout. 
  11. Purchase your pass. 
  12. You will recieve an email from us within 24 business hours with instrcutions on how to access your pass.
  13. Follow the instructions on the guides emailed to you.*

* If you prucahse a MONTHLY transit pass you will need to respond to the instructions email sent to you so that we can add the MONTHLY pass to your account. 

 Fall 2023 Semester Pass 

  • Price: $158.00 
  • On sale: 7/31/23 - 9/24/23 
  • Valid: 8/1/23 - 12/31/23 

Monthly Transit Passes - Valid per calendar month 

  • Price: $57.60
  • On sale: 20th of each month prior to the 15th of the month you want it for. 
    • Ex: August monthly passes are on sale 7/20/23 - 8/15/23. 
  • Valid for the calendar month. ex: 8/1/23 - 8/31/23

Prorated refunds for unactivated MTS Semester Transit passes will be issued according to the Fall 2023 MTS Refund Schedule below. Fall 2023 MTS Semester Transit passes are non-refundable after September 29, 2023.

Fall 2023 MTS Refund Schedule
(based on non-activated passes)
Refund Date Refund Amount
Aug. 21 - Aug. 27 158.00
Aug. 28 - Sept. 10 118.50
Sept. 11 - Sept. 29 79.00
Sept. 30 - No More Refunds

It takes approximately 24 business hours for your informaiton to transfer from your Aztec Parking Portal to PRONTO. Once you receive the instructions email from us, you will need to contact [email protected] to let us know that you have linked your account within PRONTO and we can add your monthly pass to your account. 

Monthly passes: If you do not email us, we will not know to add the pass to your account. 

Accessing Your Transit Pass 


The PRONTO Extend pilot program will offer eligible participants access to free transit passes for the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System and North County Transit District services. 
  • Riders aged 18 to 24 
  • Riders who have exited a foster care system on or after their 18th borthday, or be Extended Foster Care 
  • Riders who have one of the following County form: 
    • Proof of Dependency/Wardship Letter 
    • Notice of Action form 

This pass may be used on and is valid on the following services: 


  • MTS Busses
  • MTS Trolley

North Country Transit District - NCTD

  • NCTD BREEZE busses
  • NCTD COASTER train 

People interested in the PRONTO Extend pilot program can apply online, via mail or in-person. More information can be found on the MTS PRONTO Extend webpage

Faculty & Staff Payroll Deduction

Faculty and staff will be eligible to receive transit passes through payroll deduction - CSU employees only.
  • Must be a CSU Employee (faculty or staff). At this time we cannot enroll SDSU Auxillary or SDSU Research Foundation employees. 
  • Must be able to comit to the program for a minimum of six (6) months. 
Enrollment for the program occurs between the 20th - 28th of the previous month for which you would like to enroll by emailing [email protected]. For example, if you would like to enroll for September you will need to contact us between August 20-28th. 
  1. Employees opting in will be sent an AdobeSign card to sign authorizing payroll deduction from their payroll for $72 a month.  There is a six (6) month commitment to the program. 
  2. After your documents are completed and signed you will receive an email with instructions. 
  3. Your information will be uploaded to PRONTO monthly until you request that your payroll deduction be canceled. You must email transpor[email protected] one month prior to cancel your payroll deduction.
  4. You will have the option to use a phone app pass or a physical card. Either choice will require you to set up your account with PRONTO on your phone.

* Physical cards can be purchased at the PRONTO trolley ticket machines on campus or MTS Stores

Additional Resources

  • Get information on Detours/Alerts here.
  • Sign up for real time updates.

There are many options for travel outside of San Diego that offer student discounts:


  • There is no discount on the COASTER for the college pass program.
  • The college pass program is valid for the NCTD SPRINTER and BREEZE ONLY (in addition to bus and Trolley). 

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is proud to introduce the “San Diego Flyer,” a free-to-customers electric shuttle bus service between San Diego International Airport (SAN) and Old Town Transit Center.

  • The electric shuttle buses will operate seven days a week, with an average arrival every 20-30 minutes.
  • Pick up and drop-offs are timed to meet the first and last Trolley, Coasters, Amtrak trains, and MTS busses with the first pick up at 4:45 a.m. and the last pick up/drop off at 12:30 a.m.
  • SDSU students can take the MTS Green Trolley Line from SDSU to the Old Town station.