How to Purchase Pre-Sale Tickets

June 9, 2023


While you must select a parking structure to purchase your season pass, you are not restricted to just that parking structure throughout the season. Season passes are accepted in P6, P7 and P12.

Please note: each parking structure has set height restrictions which are noted when purchasing the pass and at the entrance to each parking structure. 

  1. Select a location using the dropdown menu. Select P6, P7 or P12 to purchase a Men's Basketball Season Parking Pass.
    Arrow pointing to the Location dropdown menu
  2. Select your pass type.
    Arrow pointing to the Pass Type dropdown menu
  3. Click Get Rate.
    Arrow pointing to the Get Rate button
  4. You will be redirected to the purchasing page where you must first accept the parking structure restrictions by clicking OK.
    Arrow pointing to the OK button on Restrictions page
  5. Confirm you have the correct pass selected and click Add to Cart.
    Arrow pointing to the Add to Cart button
  6. Enter the required information for the pass and click Save.
    Arrow pointing to the Save button on the Pass Information form
  7. Double check that the email address shown is correct and then click Checkout to finalize your order.
    Arrow pointing to the Checkout button on the My Cart page
  8. Fill in your credit card and billing information and click Authorize to complete your purchase.
    Arrow pointing to the Authorize button on the Billing form
  9. Once your credit card is charged, you will be able to view your pass. Your pass will also be emailed to you from [email protected]

  10. To view your pass, click Get My Parking Pass. You can print your pass or save the pass to your phone/computer. 
    Arrow pointing to the Get My Parking Pass button
  11. You can also download the Laz Parking App to access your pass.
    Arrow pointing to App Store links

Should you have any questions, use the Contact Us link in your email confirmation to reach a Laz representative, or email [email protected]