Electric Vehicles

Charging Your EV on Campus

ChargePoint and DirtRoad electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are located throughout the campus and are available to students, faculty, staff and visitors. 

Valid SDSU parking permits are required at all times. Vehicles parked in spaces with a posted time restriction may not exceed the limit and are subject to citation.

  • The price to charge is $.26 per kilowatt hour. 
    A valid SDSU parking permit is required when using a charging port. PayByPhone is available in some areas. Observe posted signage. 
  • Parking 2A* - Student permits are valid at the fast charger for up to 2 hours. PayByPhone is available for those that do not have a valid SDSU permit.
  • Parking 2C
  • Parking 3 
  • Parking 7
  • Parking 8* - ADA placard/plate required
  • Parking 12 - F/S permit required on Level 1. Student permits authorized on  Level 8.
  • Parking 14* - F/S permit required 
  • South Campus Plaza (coming soon)

*ADA - Charging stations located in ADA parking spaces require a California Disabled Parking Permit.

  • For questions regarding ChargePoint charges/account, please call the ChargePoint Customer Service line at 888-758-4389.
  • For questions regarding DirtRoad charges/account, please contact DirtRoad Customer Service line at [email protected] or 888-237-7732, selecting option 3.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - DirtRoad

1. Download and install the DirtRoad app on your mobile device through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Or visit dirtroadev.com to download the app.

2. Set up an account on the DirtRoad app - you will receive an email confirmation to validate your account.

3. Add your credit card to pay for charging under “payments.”

4. Add your car and VIN number to the app for additional customization under


Install the DirtRoad App to start a charge, users must create a login and enter in a payment method prior to starting a charge.

Enter a credit card under the "payments" tab on the App or website.

Users can view their charging history by pressing "Account" on the bar on the bottom of the app.

Charge must be stopped before disconnecting the cord from the vehicle. Please look at the charger screen to verify charge has stopped, this can take 10 to 30 seconds.

Chargers are available 24/7. You can see if a charger is currently available by checking the status on the map in the DirtRoad App.

The price to charge is $.26 per kilowatt hour.

First ensure that you have stopped the charging session either from your vehicle or from the screen on the charger. Most vehicles need to be unlocked before the connector will unlock. If you are still unable to disconnect please lock and unlock your car three times. This will automatically unlock the dispenser from most cars.