Permits & Parking On Campus

Parking on Campus

A valid parking permit purchased through the Transportation Portal, pay station or PayByPhone is required at all times at SDSU. Permits cannot be purchased via any other method. The Parking & Transportation Services Office does not accept cash, card or check payments for permits. Permits are non-transferrable and may not be shared with other vehicles. Parking in violation of regulations may result in a parking citation.

P2A offers specific faculty/staff parking spaces for vehicles with the Clean Air Vehicle decal. Please visit the DMV page for more information. Parking in these areas without the decal can be subject to a citation.

New Vehicles

California issues temporary plates for new vehicles. Please enter your temporary plate when registering your vehicle with your purchased permit. Once your permanent plate is received, complete the License Plate Change Request Form to update your license plate.

Parking Structure Clearances

  • P1: 6'8"
  • P3 level 1: 6'10"
  • P3 level 2: 8'
  • P4: 6'10"
  • P6: 6'2"
  • P7: 6'8"
  • P12: 7'2"
  • P14: 8'

Transportation Portal

Manage your parking account using the online Transportation Portal. The Transportation Portal offers daily permits for visitors, as well as longer term permits for students, faculty and staff.  When accessing the portal, it is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge for the best experience.

Accounts will be automatically created via imports for incoming students and new faculty/staff. Please do not create a guest account in the Transportation Portal. Once your account is activated, you'll be able to purchase a permit and manage your account online.

Adding a vehicle to your account does not automatically link it to an active permit. After adding your vehicle, be sure to complete the next step by linking it to your permit. An instructional guide is provided on our Guides page.

Instructional guides can be found on our Guides page.